While other states are relaxing their stance toward marijuana possession, this is not the case in Indiana. Police officers and prosecutors strictly enforce state drug laws to break the cycle of addiction and crime that often accompanies drug use. A drug charge is a serious matter, which is why you should seek out knowledgeable legal support if you have been arrested for committing a drug crime.

We have criminal defense attorney and skilled trial lawyer. We founded our firm to provide economical and aggressive representation to individuals charged with misdemeanor and felony drug offenses. We have focused solely on criminal law for nearly two decades in Hamilton County. We use my local insight and legal understanding to obtain favorable results for my clients.

Helping You Challenge Drug Charges

Our firm is qualified to handle a range of drug violations, including:

  • Simple possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine
  • Possession with intent to sell, manufacturing or trafficking of marijuana, cocaine, heroin or methamphetamines
  • Prescription drug offenses, including doctor shopping, prescription drug fraud and unlawful possession

As your legal ally, We will study the events surrounding your arrest to make sure that your rights were not violated. If police officers did not follow appropriate procedure during a search or questioning, We will use the law to hold them accountable.

We can also connect you with the best substance abuse counselors so that we can address the underlying disease responsible for your charges and break the cycle of abuse, arrest and incarceration. We will create a custom defensive strategy based on your unique situation.

Having a drug charge on your criminal record can affect your life long after your trial is over. Before you consider accepting a plea, you need to understand the impact this decision may have. As your lawyer and advocate, We will examine all options and explain them to you so that you can achieve the best possible outcome.

In the beginning, you will receive legal consultation to help you understand your situation completely and make the right decision at an early stage. When you choose us, the work on your case will begin right away. It is our belief that the key to success is a detailed strategy. Your lawyer will study your case meticulously and analyze it in depth to develop this strategy. It will include a full set of legal tools necessary for your defence. It will also provide for all challenges that may arise.

An important part of the strategy is your preparation for the hearings. You will receive all the help and support that you require. It is our commitment to give you confidence as well despite the difficult circumstances. Your Drug Lawyer Hamilton will use all of their talent and skill to defend you in the most effective possible way. Expect the professional to be highly motivated and to work with great desire for victory. Every effort will be made to achieve the desired result for you.

For receiving legal help in case of drug offence timely, contact us now.