Help create the future of food

A lone strawberry farmer at a bric-a-brac market planted the seed for FlavourCrusader.

His strawberries were amazing–oozing with sweetness and a depth of flavour I had never experienced. The strawberries were soft; their colour dyed my fingers. I told my friends. I emailed others. I blogged it. Go to Rozelle markets for the strawberry man!

I had gotten out of the habit of eating fruit after living in London; it was tasteless. It was pointless. The delicious strawberries were the catalyst for me to begin eating fruit again.

The evidence for our collaborative future…

Today while undertaking a 7 hour round trip drive, to drop my Dad and Brother off in a country town, I stumbled across an inspiring BBC interview of a Harvard business professor. The interviewee was Professor Michael Porter and he presented the concept that for businesses to be successful (or profitable) in the future, they must create social value.

Meet and present your work to Yves Behar, the designer behind the $100 Laptop & NYC Condom.

Hey ASIX crew,

Thought some of you might be interested in this little number, or know someone who is.


Do you have what it takes to be the next Yves Behar?

Second Class Social Innovation

Social Changemaking 101 is the Second Class version of social innovation, for citizens. The primary or First Class version is for public sector and community sector managers.

Social Innovation or Managerial Chic?

Some observers with a genuine interest in social innovation will be alarmed by the ease with which the social innovation agenda has been gobbled up by the larger, and always predatory, field of public sector innovation. Others with wiser heads will perhaps not be surprised. In any case, we can say that in Australia at least, in but a handfull of years, the former has arguably disappeared without trace. Christian Bason’s November tour, billed as one of a series of Social Innovation Dialogues, has signalled the deathknell for social innovation in this country.

Social Innovation Dialogues and the Taxpayers

I have searched the ASIX and CSI websites for disclosure of the amount of taxpayers money used in staging the illuminating Dialogues with Christian Bason and Enzio Manzini. DEEWR, the Victorian Government, and (of all things) the Victorian Public Service are listed as sponsors of these dialogues on Co-creation and Co-Production.

A Community Happening – SE London 02 December

A “community happening” in which local businesses became mini performance spaces, local people transformed empty shops into Christmas pop-ups, and local pubs and restaurants turned into local community networking and workshop venues.


In this third episode of our Social Innovation Podcasts we are featuring:

  • Geoff Mulgan from the Young Foundation
  • Christian Bason from Mind Lab
  • Latest Social Innovation news in Australia
  • What’s coming next year.We would love to hear your feedback on the type of content you would like to see here.

2 new jobs in social innovation at TACSI

2 great new positions are now available with the TACSI team. If you’ve read all about the exciting stuff going on with the Bold Ideas, Better Lives Challenge and think you’ve got what it takes to support, guide and enthuse these 8 projects then check out our Venture Support role. If you’re a born connector and communicator with a passion for social change then we want to hear from you for our Connector/Communicator role. Full job descriptions are available at