Drug possession laws make it illegal to intentionally possess illegal substances such as marijuana, heroin, LSD, and more. Possession laws can also make it illegal to own the chemicals necessary to manufacturing illegal controlled substances. The punishment for these laws varies according to drug type, amount and geographic area. They usually have a fine component and depending on the severity will require the incarceration of the individual found guilty of possessing drugs. However, when a person is found in possession of a large quantity of an illegal substance they can be charges with “possession with intent to distribute”.

Drug Distribution and Trafficking Laws

Drug distribution and trafficking laws prohibit the selling, transportation and illegal import of illegal substances. The punishment for these offenses varies depending on a number of factors, such as: drug type, amount, geographic area and whether or not minors were targeted in the drug sales. These laws can be applied to individuals or groups of involved persons. These are some of the most severely punished drug laws, usually requiring large fines and extensive jail time.

What To Do When Charged a Drug Case

It’s also important to realize that drug charges can be confusing. Often when a person is charged with drug related offenses, there will be many different charges against them. Understanding the difference between possession, possession with intent and drug trafficking shouldn’t be up to you. Choose a good criminal lawyer from Hamilton who understands the nuances involved in the various charges and who can help to reduce them, have them dismissed or win a case in front of a jury.

In some cases, a judge will be willing to consider alternatives to prosecution and imprisonment, such as a drug rehabilitation program. You might be eligible for a program that can keep you out of jail and keep a conviction off your record. When you choose a lawyer who’s skilled at drug criminal defense, they’ll know every option that’s available and can help you to find a way to get out of a sticky situation.

Another thing to keep in mind is that being an effective criminal lawyer requires a deep understanding of human nature. Whether your attorney is trying to sway a judge, the jury or the prosecution, a skilled lawyer will know the best ways in which to present evidence and how to make a strong case for your criminal defense. They’ll also know how to handle delicate situations that are sometimes uncomfortable for everyone involved.


Most attorneys are willing to talk to people if you don’t take up too much of their time. Be polite, respect that they make money by the hour and you can usually come away with some good information and maybe even have a good idea of who you want as your attorney.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime you should seek assistance immediately from a competent attorney. The legal system in the United States has only gotten more complicated and harder for attorneys to create a good defense for their clients. Having a criminal attorney with experience in the courtroom and in the art of negotiation can mean the difference between jail time and having your case dismissed.