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Designing: ‘Social Changemaking 101’

ASIX is planning to design and pilot a community-based learning program for citizens keen to improve their skills and contribute to positive social change around the issues that most concern them. We want to create a flexible program using an action learning mode that can be run by experienced learning facilitators in local communities across Australia with resources available via the web.


This short program will be designed to provide basic skills, knowledge and contacts, mostly designed for citizens who will do their social innovation or change-making as volunteers rather than in a paid or professional capacity. We expect it to be practical and run over 20-30 hours on weekends or evenings and run through community groups or colleges that exist in many locations. OTEN (part of the Western Sydney Institute of TAFE), is the distance education specialist unit of TAFE NSW and has agreed to provide technical assistance in the development of the program and will hopefully help us source some Commonwealth funding for its development.

We plan to begin by running a one day workshop at Cisco’s North Sydney training facility from 9.30am – 4pm on Tuesday 22 February 2011 to clarify the primary learning needs of participants and to identify useful resources and expertise that currently exist. We would like to have 16-18 participants – a mix of prospective students for our program; experienced social innovator/change-makers; and learning facilitators who might be interested in running the program.

If you are interested in participating in this workshop and fit one or more of the categories above we would like to hear from you.

What we do

  1. Run events and forums, usually in partnership with other groups, to promote social innovation and enable learning and collaboration
  2. Develop and test new approaches and methods for social innovation
  3. Connect people and organisations in Australia working and investing in social innovation to support a growing community of practice in Australia and globally

Be part of the first Australian Social Innovation Camp

The social innovation camp is a weekend of passion and commitment, clever thinking and a bit of technology to work on new ways to make a difference on the social issues, big and small, that we face as a community and as a country. Our 1st Australian Social Innovation Camp was a great success. You can have a look at the ideas that came t the camp and you can also Follow us to receive our latest news. Read about how it works, check what makes a good idea or find out more aboutwhat happens during the camp. You can also join us at one of our events to learn more. Check ourFAQ section for more information or drop us a line if you have any question or if you want to get involved in any other way.