Definition Of  Youth Offender

young offender is a young person who has been convicted or cautioned for a criminal offense. Criminal justice systems often deal with young offenders differently from adult offenders, but different countries apply the term ‘young offender’ to different age groups depending on the age of criminal responsibility in that country. Young offenders, according to The Youth Criminal Justice Act, are individuals under 18 facing criminal charges. In Canada, individuals under the age of 12 cannot be convicted of a criminal offense.

We have years of experience defending youth facing criminal offense charges. We have a great record of success dealing with criminal allegations against young offenders.

There are different reasons why young people between the ages of 12 and 18 may be charged with offences under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The important thing in this situation is to take immediate action for ensuring that the person receives the best possible legal defence. Count on Young Offender Lawyer Hamilton to provide a complete range of legal services for achieving the desired outcome.

We have attorneys with wealth of experience in the field of youth criminal justice. It is a very specific and highly sensitive area of law since young persons with criminal offence allegations are treated very differently from adults in their situation and require special attention. By combining experience and expertise, we are able to establish a lawyer-client relationship based on trust and to litigate the case in the best possible way for achieving the set goal. Our legal professionals work with skill and great motivation. All of these factors contribute to our high rate of success. We are confident that by keeping up with the latest novelties in the field and by providing full individual attention to every client, our achievements can be even better in the future.

Criminal offence charges are naturally extremely stressful not only for the accused young person, but for their parents, guardians and all loved ones. That is why we provide full support to the people that we represent starting with explaining the situation and providing a clear overview of the defence options and the possible outcomes. In general, the Youth Criminal Justice Act is intended to support the rehabilitation of young people and their reintegration into society in addition to holding them accountable for their actions. There is the possibility for the case to be subject to extrajudicial measures depending on the nature of the offence charge. There are also various programs intended to help the adolescents in this kind of situation. With Young Offender Lawyer in Hamilton, you will have the highest chances of achieving the desired end result.

Our work begins with consultation designed to help the accused person and their parents or guardians make the right decision regarding their future legal representation. When you entrust us with the job, the work will begin immediately. We provide bail hearing representation in addition to trial and extrajudicial representation. Your lawyer will investigate the case and develop a strategy based on thorough analysis. The accused young person will be perfectly prepared for all hearings just like all witnesses of the defence. You will be able to get answers to your questions, advice and support at any time when the need arises.

With Young Offender Lawyer in Hamilton, your case will be in the hands of an experienced and skilled counselor who works with a team of reliable support specialists. The professional will fight with commitment to achieving the set goal and do everything necessary to help the young person get out of the difficult situation and take full control of their life and future once again.