When facing criminal drug charges, your reputation, your freedom, your possessions (home, car, bank account, etc.) and your future are all at stake. The criminal defense process is difficult and confusing. You will need a criminal defense attorney who will explain the charges to you and tell you how to best move forward in your case.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Will Help You
A defense attorney will look for flaws in the investigation and suggest specific defense strategies or facilitate a complete dismissal of charges. Sometimes a plea bargain may be in your best interest, but it should not be an automatic choice.

The lawyer must know what are the different substance abuse charges. He must know how law enforcement investigators and prosecutors think. He must have a first-rate knowledge of federal and state constitutional law to determine if your rights have been violated. He must know how to crush the credibility of the prosecution’s informants. A good criminal attorney will not begin his defense strategy thinking of a way to plea bargain his client’s constitutional rights away. He will use his knowledge, experience and determination to come up with a defense strategy that will ensure the best possible outcome for you.

It is imperative that you have a strategic attorney on your side if you want to achieve outstanding results. A talented attorney can negotiate alternative sentences, which is typically community service, a drug rehab program, or house arrest. Sometimes completion of a drug rehab program can result in having all the drug charges dropped.

You may be in a scary situation right now, but a talented attorney will ease your worries. There’s a lot at stake for you right now, and having the right defense can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. There are many skilled drug crime defense lawyers around that have successfully achieved lowered sentences, case dismissals, and acquittals.

Remember that a drug crime defense attorney can handle any drug crime matter such as drug fraud, marijuana offenses, drug distribution, trafficking, drug manufacturing, under the influence, prescription drug charges, out-of-state drug charges and others.